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The Black Lodge

Jul. 9th, 2006

04:01 pm - Star Trek comics and lots of Fraternities of Lust.....

i've been M.I.A. since my cell-phone died at Steve's, but Im finally home.
Well, Im at Goodbye Blue Mondays, which is my home, sort of. And soon to be literally, my home, as I am moving to the upstairs loft at the end of the month. The store got a shout-out in the Music section of the Times for a show that happened here a couple days ago, which is awesome.
Currently, I am putting things up on Ebay under "bluemon", so go check shit out.
What else?
Nothing else.
Who wants to take me to see Scanner Darkly this week?

Jul. 7th, 2006

02:43 pm - Good morning good morning, its great to stay out late....

God I finally slept in a REAL BED last night. Thank you jesus. Although it did make getting up in the morning that much harder. But whatevs. I got a good amount of sleep since I passed out at like, 10:30, when Steve and Sam went to some Hero's Quest drinking party. What fagzorz.
Turns out my office has one of those coffee machines like in the science library. I'm in Heaven, I tell yah.
Cuz I didn't wanna wear the same outfit two days in a row, i walked into work today in Steve's jeans and Anna's shirt. I look ridiculous. I need to go home/change/shower. 
Then its the weekend. Hurrah

Jul. 6th, 2006

08:59 am - Oh its hard to be a man when there's a gun in your hand.....

uso update: 
turns out on the fourth, the girls WERENT wrestling in jello, but animal blood and chum. They are performance artists; one of the chicks is a puppeteer for PBS or something. Curiouser and curioser............
So when I told Steve (owner of goodbye blue monday, not ex-Steve, or dad-Steve) about my job, he looked kinda sad and said he was going to ask me to start doing ebay listings o his comics stuff. Apparently I am the comic chick. It makes me happy that I am referred to that already. It gives my life a purpose, because now i have a job AND a hobby.
Plus Steve might be renting out one of the lofts above the store and I want to get it. Its only 25 bucks extra a month, and as Jason put it, "It has a window AND a fire escape." Which is good because if there was ever a fire in The Cube, I'd be dead in ten seconds flat. That place is a death trap, for super-serial.
Then me and Jason checked out this awesome comic called "Video Jack" where this guy gets sucked into his TV or something, and I don't think Marvel got the copyright's to a lot of the shows they use on there, since most of the time its just vague references to different 80's sitcoms. The art for each "show" is different though, which is pretty cool.
Yea, so if anyone wants to be buy REALLY cheap comics on Ebay (we're basically selling everything on wholesale, because Steve just wants to clear a lot of it out) I will put up our name on here pretty soon and you can get cool comics on a steal.
Meanwhile.....Its my first day at Columbia, and I woke up at 7:20 (ugh) and got here at 8:30. Wtf? I thought it was supposed to take WAY over an hour to get here. That's annoying. I'm going to start waking up at 7:45 and see if I can still have time to get my Starbucks on. So far I'm just idling around on the computer, which is nice to have.
Later on I am going to go visit ex-Steve and steal some of his drugs. My back is KILLING me from my stupid air mattress.

*update* its now 4:33 and I haven't done any work since before 12. For 12 bucks an hour, this is a pretty sweet job, plus I get lunch every day with james for an hour. sweet.

Jul. 5th, 2006


that's what happens when I get zero hours of sleep, go to a crazy interview session (ps-got that job at Columbia) and then come home to get some shut-eye.....but no! Of course not! The powers that be (ie whoever teh fuck is gutting my house and making my room a cubic inch smaller everyday) deemed it UNNESSECARY that I should get some shut eye this afternoon, despite the fact that starting tommorow, I have a 9-5 schedule that is 1 hour and 1/2 away from my pad.
I need some sleeping drugs. Stat. Until then I will sit at Goodbye Blue Monday and maybe curl up on the couch and read comics till I fall into a lazy-day (raining like FUCK!) sleep.
James started classes at Columbia today, too. So hopefully he will find a place on the upper west side and I will insist on sleeping over every night. Yesssssssssss. NEW PLAN!
The party yesterday was awesome; lots of random hipstery folk showed up, this chick let me borrow Clowes' "Like a velvet glove cast in iron" which was the creepiest fucking thing I've ever read, I got asked out on a "hot air balloon" date (Im glad that when I told this to james he had the same reaction I did, "what a great place to rape somebody!"), grilled some sausages, got asked approx. 20 times if my tattoo was from Eraserhead, got asked twice that amount if it was from an obscure Pixie song. Some things never change.
Saw the countries of Mexico and Canada fight for the title of "New America" in the guise of two chicks wrestling in jello/hard alcohol. It was way more entertaining than I thought jello wrestling would be (to watch, of course).
And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn............Um, went to hang out with Farah, Max, and James on Max's roof, we got pizza, Farah took off her pants, and I went home early so i could get a good nights sleep.
Yea right. I ended up reading prisoner's dilemna all night, and with cracked out red-eyes, trying to make sense of Barney at 6 am. NOT ADVISABLE.
thats my life.
suck on it.

Jul. 4th, 2006

02:27 pm - i was having a hard time living a good life........

so, interview at Columbia Law tommorow. James and I are going to meet up for lunch after his class/my interview. Sweet.
Yesterday at Goodbye Blue Monday B.T. found a hundred bucks stashed in one of the books there, and Steve split it with her, fifty/fifty. We spent it all on expensive. I spent most of the day trashed, decided to stop over at Barnes and invite myself to his friends' barbeque, which solidifies my theory that I can really survive in New York during the summer by barbeque hopping.
So, I want to start going and temping, but if I get a 9-5 job at Columbia it will pay me 10 dollars an hour LESS, and wouldn't leave me any temping time (except maybe weekends). So we'll see. Plus, goddamn, Columbia is SO FUCKING FAR FROM BROOKLYN.
As opposed to Oberlin, apparently, which has made its home in Bushwick.
Besides all the Skeletons kids, I've managed to run into two "semi-Oberlin" kids (ie friends with Oberlin students that I've met before) at goodbye blue monday; Frankie (who used to date Dean and who is friends with tony) and Jason (who looks eerily like the dude from the cube and who I met sleeping on the couch at the Skeleton kids house.) Last night Jason and I watched Mean Girls in his awesome loft space right above the store.
So now I'm still at my "second home" at Goodbye Blue Monday, helping set up for the barbeque and hoping it doesn't rain. Steve bought a keg and it should be fun.
Also, I think Im supposed to be at this NYU thing later. We'll see.

Jun. 29th, 2006

07:43 pm - remember to let her under your skin then you can begin to make it better......

definite job at hunter college, but its part-time and pays shit.
POSSIBLE full-time job at Columbia Law School. I have to call again tommorow.
Going to do that proof-reading course on Sunday.
Most exciting thing: Working as contractor as Goodbye Blue Mondays, the hipster bar/vintage store, redesigning their comic section, which includes THEIR ENTIRE BASEMENT.
Sure, Im doing it for free, but I get to make a store-front design, dig through tons of shit, and get paid in free comics.
James just left, but he is moving here this weekend.
Love to Liz. My address is 36 Lawton St. apt. 1, brooklyn ny 11221

Jun. 24th, 2006

07:30 pm - Curb my enthusiasm.......

so no job.
in bedstuy.
I'll be moving in tommorow.
Then....the job search.
My parents are putting the cash upfront for me to get the place, and that includes first months rent (utilities included in bill....yay!) plus I'll be next to b.t. Literally, next door.

So I plan on just walking around, handing out my resumes at colleges to see if they need administrative assistants.
Or helpers. Whatever.
I've taken to writing on my craigslists ads "Uncanny X-men power in Administrative Duties!"
I mean. God, anything to spice it up.
At least now I'm getting out.
I think my parents started to realize the dire situation when i spent all night sobbing and periodically calling people up on hte phone to yell at them for having better lives then me, and then blaming them for me being stuck in the suburbs forever.
Then there was the "clawing at arms" fit I had today. That was scary.
I'm in a box. I'm in a box.
But I'm getting the FUCK OUT.

Jun. 23rd, 2006

07:49 pm - well fuck my cock

didnt get that job in New York.
Got an email from that bitch Carla at CESD though, can't EVER return my phone calls, but emails me late friday afternoon soon saying "the position has been filled."
Well, whatever. Guess I will just sit here and do nothing because I refuse to get a job that requires a car, won't work in Washington, and am fuking sick of Craigslist ads that never respond.
Guess I will just sit in dad's basement the rest of my life. Whatever.
I really wanted this shitty paying job too.
It seemed so cool, its just that BITCH Carla who never returned my calls, who was always "out of the office" and was basically the most condescending snot I ever met. Maybe that's the biz, but really, human decency is sort of a nice thing too.

Jun. 20th, 2006

06:52 pm - And in this room one afternoon I knew I could love you and from above you how i sank into your soul

....st. john's party slash Wilde Lake slash friends from high school party in Annapolis last night. Erica Beall, Jamie, Andrew Hobby and Susan, Marybeth, all chiding me on wearing my "Playa del fuega" outfit. Had an awesome time until I felt nausaus, at which point some guy took out a guitar and me and him started a sing-along of Neutral Milk Hotel, Modest Mouse, and *cough*BrightEyes*cough* songs.
It was super fun.
I took James to Great Eggspectations for a belated birthday brunch. That place has such good food and the entire menu (which is huge) is entirely composed of puns.
Then I read the graphic novel "The Fountain" which is going to be an awesome movie.
Um, collected SO many kids in the hall sketches today. But can't find my favorite pomo one where someone forgets to write the end of a sketch, so the characters just sit there and slowly go crazy of hunger and thirst because they can't leave the room and they don't remember if they have wives or kids or anything becuase they weren't written in.
Doe anyone else remember that sketch?
Im watching Lost, and of course, its mesmorizing in that same social psychology way as the Cube is. So now I'll have something NEW to talk about.
But on to old things:

Jun. 19th, 2006

06:44 pm - Hey Jude, don't let me down take a sad song and make it better.....

Youtube is my archangel, my savior, my love, my life. I have dedicated that last two days to making a "favorites" list, which I seperated into three categories:
1. drews (blackadder clips, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry clips, House clips, michel gondry and spike jonze ads, david lynch ps2 commercials, trailer for House of Leaves,clips from the new Gondry film with the hot Mexican from Y tu mama-itlooks awesome, like eternal sunshine meets robot chicken-,etc)
2. Music videos (Still michel gondry and jonze here, but some other cool ones too....some live Bowie-not as good as the cover band I might add- and Take on me, duh, and The Cure's "love cat". Also some of the stuff that the NIN guy does. Whats his name? Raimez? Something like that.)
3. "Serious Stuff"( Meshes of the Afternoon and another Deren thing, Sissy Boy Slap Fight, the first Alice in Wonderland, previews for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Blow-Up, un chien andalou)
I've also subscribed to a channel that only shows women getting their head shaved on bizarre television programs or home movies. Most of thetime when they see the results, they start to cry. It intrigues me in this very Videodrome-esque way)

God this is fun. Some people collect music, some collect comics....I collect video clips. I'm also going to upload my films I made this semester on youtube pretty soon, so check out member "Saradrewgrant"(no spaces) and enjoy the ride.
So I guess I have no life.
BUT: I went to the doctors today and took care of my UTI, which has caused me IMMENSE amounts of pain and bitchiness lately, so lets blame all my lashing out on that, ok?

In other news: JAMIE GOT INTO SAIT JOHNS! HELL YES! Tonight, it will be a mixed-company party in honor of James being born from the womb: Erica Beall, Jamie, and Andrew Hobby will be accompanying me and James to Annapolis to party it up. Thank god Im getting out of this house though, im going stir crazy.
On the upside, things I have done today (productive)
1. Made about 7 garbage bags worth of branches that have been trimmed
2. Made hamburgers for dinner
3. Took care of my UTI (THANK YOU JESUS)
4. Called about my stafford loan
5. Made a follow-up call about talent agency job, left a message, will call tommorow
6. Called about apartment, left message, will call tommorow.
7. Made my sister watch Meshes of the Afternoon on youtube while, 120 miles away, I watched it with her. We creeped ourselves out. Best movie ever though.
Okay, gotta go get pretty. I've been looking mega-haggard since I got home, since constant running to the bathroom+intense pain= big floopy hair, bad skin, and general grossness. But tonight it is ON!

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