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Jul. 20th, 2006

03:53 pm - Yuh-oh!


02:11 pm - Hurry up hurry up and wait, I stay awake all weekend still I wait......

Me and James are starting a Blondie cover-band, if we ever stop fighting about who gets to be Debra Harry.

Oooh, Goodbye Blue Monday got some more  shout-outz in the paper. There is a cool picture of the place too. Aftrer work Im going to meet owner-Steve to go look at the apartment above the shop.


blah blah blah transitional mediums blah blah blah.

Um, I might go see Harry later tonight. I miss Oberlin.

Jul. 19th, 2006

10:10 am - Once I had a love and it was a gas soon I found out, had a heart of glass..........

people at work are convinced Im anemic. Mainly cuz of that bruise on my leg that I can't remember getting, but is slowly growing tendrils via the vein that seems to have exploded, and is slowly overtaking my entire leg. Gross. It looks like I've been shooting Dilaudin into my calf. Also, I keep getting these really cold shocks at work, and had to steal a jacket to keep myself from freezing over. No one else in the office seems to notice the temperature is set to Antartica. But I eat LOTS of red meat, so I don't know what could be causing this. But just check out the symptons:

1.  Examine your skin tone. Do you have very pale skin color? Even if you have a dark complexion, your lips may be pale and your skin may appear "washed out."
2.  Consider whether you are fatigued or irritable all of the time. These are common symptoms of anemia.
3.  Ask yourself whether you have frequent headaches or loss of appetite. These are usually early signs of anemia.
4.  Consider if you've been constipated - also an early symptom, and may occur without any change in dietary habits.
5.  Consider whether it is difficult for you to concentrate. This can affect your work and/or school performance.
6.  Ask yourself whether you're craving unusual foods. This is called pica, and you may find yourself craving very bizarre non-foods, such as soil and paper.
7.  Take note of your moods. Anemia can bring on feelings of depression.
8.  Consider whether you've been short of breath. Red blood cells are a vital part of the respiratory process, and this symptom may occur when anemia is moderate to severe.
9.  Take note of whether you feel a sense of coldness in your extremities. This may be caused by poor circulation as a result of anemia.
10.  As yourself if you've been feeling weak and/or dizzy. In severe cases, you may feel too weak to get out of bed, and dizzy when you do get up.

I mean, I do chew paper. Apparently that's a disorder now. And I quit smoking cuz of the lack of breathe thing. I'm always cold, bruise easily, am EXTREMELY pale, and have dizzy/diassociative symptons all the time.
Oh well. Chris made an awesome dinner last night; pesto chicken and champagne. James came over and we all watched Videodrome, and this six minute short feature called "Camera" which was awesome.
Is it weird that I was totally more into the menu screen of the movie than I was the film itself? I like tv collages, what can I say? Im definately a child of the Marshal McLuhan "medium is the message/massage/ mass-age" school of thought, but I really didn't need James Woods to tell me that. Plus, its a little antiquated to believe that Video/Television is the medium thats going to brainwash the masses nowadays, I think a more appropriate update would be something along the lines of youtube, or that "faces of death" clip that James downloaded. Still, relevant themes, all around. Two thumbs up. I <3 Blondie.


Jul. 18th, 2006

10:56 am - Oh the IRONY...........

Seriously, my office feels like the fourth circle of hell after Keanu Reeves gets an Academy award.
and its like over 100 degrees outside. Which means I am sipping hot chocolate and shivering, occasionaly running downstairs, thawing out and starting to melt, and then running back up here again. Occasionaly,  this will lead to some moments of equilibrium; it feels good to be out in the sauna-like temperatures after being blasted by artic air all morning, as well as the nice feeling after i start to burn up and run back in the cool office.
But wtf?

Jul. 17th, 2006

01:59 pm - Walk your ass down the runway and get paid.......

so, in terms of sketchiness:
this guy messaged me on myspace and asked if I wanted to model for his site. At first I was like "nope" and was planning to delete the message, but I checked out some of his picks and they are actually pretty rawkin'. He does a lot of photography for Heebs, that Jewish magazine. So how sketchy can that be? Plus, he's taking me out to dinner on wednesday night in a public place, so I can gauge whether or not I will be on next week's episode of the reality show Law and Order. His stuff can be found at http://joshuarubin.net/
Anyway, I think it might be a blast, and everyone knows I loooove getting photographed. So, can we have some official weigh-ins here? If I meet the guy first and he seems legit, is it that sketchy to go ahead?

Jul. 14th, 2006

02:58 pm - My hell comes from inside me it comes from inside myself I like this........

yo. I found my old Xanga again! I guess i never "lose" it per say, but its a fun thing to read when Im bored.
I found this Pushkin quote:
"But whom to love? To trust and treasure?/ Who won't betray us in the end?/And who'll be kind enough to measure/ our words and deeds as we intend?/Who won't sow slander about us?/Who'll coddle us and never doubt us?/To whom will all our faults be few?/Who'll never bore us through and through?/ You futile, searching phantom-breeder,/ Why spend your efforts all in vain;/ Just love yourself and ease the pain,/My most esteemed and honored reader!/ A worthy object! Never mind,/ a truer love you'll never find.

Why do I feel like I was smarter as a freshman? Still obsessed over a guy though, albiet a different one.

09:58 am - Seperation can be......a terrifying thing...........

Thus, Cronenburg again suceeds in making me physically.I'm pretty sure that up until History of Violence he was putting subliminal messages in all his movies that somehow triggers my brain into "vomit" mode. I've watched a lot more grueseome stuff than last night's "Dead Ringers" but for some reason it still had me running to the toilet and dry-heaving. Gross. It doesn't even fit with my theory of WHY his movies make me so squeamish; essentially that I don't like watching inorganic things pulse. Dead Ringers wasn't even ABOUT that, although it did feature a trigger for my gag reflex- watching people shoot up. I just can't watch it. It's DISGUSTING.
All in all though, a brilliant movie that I thought I had figured out by the end of the first act, before it totally went off the deep end and in a totally different direction than I thought. Plus, Jeremy Irons= hotness. TWIN Jeremy Irons= doubleplus good. Also, I totally called the chick in it as the mom from House of Yes.
My friend Chris has the best place ever in Astoria. We got Dojo's (and my face didn't explode! Hurray!) and drank lots of yummy sangria and 40's, which probably contributed to my feeling sort of sick. Its really cool that after all our years apart Chris and I have moved back to (essentially) the same location and can pick up our friendship exactly where we left off.
Tonight: going to go see Scanner Darkly w/ Luke, which I've been looking forward to all week. And tommorow is Siren Festival with 90+ degree heat, but Liam and Frank are coming into town, so that's awesome. I'm sure it will be Oberlin reunion 2006. AND BRITTANY TAYLOR IS COMING BACK TODAY! W00T! That's good, because Im starting to feel like I have a distinct lack of female friends, despite my hour-long gab fest with Kelly last night.
Hey, what was the name of that play we saw in London that was based on a Dogma film? It translated to "The Celebration"? Wasn't it called Faustes or something like that? You know the one, with the "its daddy's birthday" song? I was going to rent that last night before Dead Ringers caught my eye.
So far, the Empire list of indie films has yet to dissapoint.

Jul. 13th, 2006

10:12 am - WOW! This guy is real! And way weirder than I thought....

From Wikipedia:

Robert Franklin Stroud (January 28, 1890November 21, 1963), known as the Birdman of Alcatraz, was a prisoner in Alcatraz who supposedly found solace from segregation in raising and selling birds. Despite his nickname, he never kept birds in Alcatraz, running his business until transfer to Alcatraz from Leavenworth.

Oh yea, and yesterday was the worst day ever.
What happens when you combine your period, a day-long torrentual storm, and some shitty behavior, all of which I was unprepared for?

Also, digging a little deeper: that Alcatraz guy stabbed a guard during dinner after calling him a "cork-sacker", officially providing me with the best insult EVER.
god, I have too much free time.

Edit:  Wow, Im glad that when Im feeling down, I know that the internet will provide me with some reassurance that I'm not the only person that thinks  David Hewlett, is hot. What a DREAMBOAT! I especially loved his work in uh.....Poa vs. Python? No? Anyone? Stargate Atlantis? This guy's entire repetoire can be viewed at 5 am on the sci-fi channel, I believe.

Okay. So, whats more pathetic? This site, or the fact that I invested so much effort into finding

Jul. 12th, 2006

02:05 pm - If any of you were ever wondering why i obsess about my weight...

I present to you:

Drew in high school

Although I guess the point of this clip is that I'm annoying and unoriginal, not specifically that Im fat and think a half-ponytail is a  good idea. 

thanks, danny and dylan. im glad you guys were around to document the most awkward phase in my life and put it on myspace and youtube.

Jul. 11th, 2006

01:50 pm - Life in Rotoscope...

Deart Mr. Downey Jr.,

Please marry me. Or at least be my best friend. We can rail lines together and I will forgive you for making me spend an entire year obsessed with that awful Neil Jordan film, In Dreams.
Also, to sweeten the deal, I am willing to admit that naming your child "little master india" or some shit is way less damning then naming them oh say, Pilot Inspektor or Audio Science (Jason Lee and Shannon Sosaymen, I am looking at YOU).

In other news, I am  very happy that Pee Wee's playhouse is on Adult Swim, and plan to ward off any groping attacks in the future by telling people that I have to take care of my body because I do too much coke.

Is it weird that when i clean my nails out in the morning I sometimes find chunks of human skin?

Weird dreams abound; two nights ago it was killer slugs, last night I was trapped in the head of the Sphinx with Grant and Liam and there were elevators out but of course you had to know the 9-digit code that kept changing otherwise you were sent to the insinerator room. Even my dreams rip off the Cube. Pathetic.

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